Secure Your Business Safety with Tech Tools & Foot Patrol

As the world goes high tech, so does security. While security presence deters crimes, there are new apps and social media tools that keep you in touch with crime in your neighborhood to know what surrounds your business. Creating your own neighborhood watch program has gotten easier if you embrace technology and our tips here as part of the puzzle.

Tip 1:  Google Satellite & Google Maps help you review your business from the street and above your rooftop. That sometimes means discovering what is going on that has changed lately (not for the best). Make a habit of reviewing any changes that happen around your building. Do a parameter walk weekly to see if bushes or trees or anything else obstructing view have put you at risk of someone approaching without being noticed. Remember that what the police or your security team cannot see that cannot protect.

Child found at mallTip 2: Create a facebook security private group page. Consider introducing yourself to neighboring businesses in person and relevant neighbors. Ask them if they would connect with a facebook group of neighbors including local businesses. Ask the group to report any sighting of trouble, crime or loiterers and if anyone sees regular drive bys, to report that too and even take a picture. All you have to do is walk around and report anything you see and  your group will do the same. Include your security company in the facebook group to keep them up to date on local sightings and what’s gone on lately.

Tip 3: There is an app called Next Door that keeps residents up to date on crime and reporting which has replaced a neighborhood watch for younger individuals. The app makes you go through hoops in order to confirm you are indeed a resident of that neighborhood, but once inside people report sightings and crime to the app. It is also helpful to local police to show patterns that can be observed by anyone who reviews the app.

South Bay Crime Stats

Tip 4: Review the crime stats in your area to see if crime is going up or down. We provide in our newsletter a link to the local South Bay Crime Stats so that business owners and residential communities can keep up to date on local South Bay Crime and the increases in their neighborhoods. Here is the most recent report of the changes in crime from 2015-2016 as published by the Daily Breeze. This link to their crime report stats can keep you current on what you think crime is like in your neighborhood and what is actually being reported. Remember that not all crime is reported and many items missing from homes and backyards as well as businesses are underreported.

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