Fence Jumping at The Whitehouse —How To Secure Your Property


It happened again in March 2017. A man was able to breech the white house fence and wander the grounds for 17 minutes. So how are you supposed to keep your business property secure if the top talent in Washington D.C. can’t keep secure the house of the President? While you may not be able to afford the security at the White House, here are a few tips to help you secure your facilities:

  • Set up a security route throughout your property that is randomly and regularly monitored.
  • Check the doors and windows. Many times the first sign of a breech is broken glass or a door ajar. Any entry that is not secure is more likely to be used.
  • Create noise on the property irregularly to deter transients or others from resting on your property.  This makes it less desirable than another property.
  • Add lighting to your outdoors and indoors areas (motion detectors help). By lighting it, you create noticeable shadows and light movements to helps secure the grounds.
  • Add cactus and unfriendly brush is more difficult to scale noisy for intruders.
  • Lock fences and doors to garage and other buildings around the property.
  • Add a camera or a digital monitoring system that you can monitor remotely.
  • Hire a mobile security unit, to monitor the property and check all access areas.
  • Remove anything scalable outside your gates including trash cans, basketball structures, fences that are easy to climb, ladders or other handy tools.
  • Talk to your neighbors on either side of your property and ask them to keep an eye out for you and you will do the same for them. Make sure they have your contact info.  The first people to notice problems are those that know our everyday habits.

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