Crowd Control Tips for Events

How can you be sure your next event is safe and under control? Southbay Security has some tips for you and of course we can help if you need security for your next event. The best experience for your company is a safe experience for your attendees; which means that keeping crowds in control creates a successful event and public relations.

  • Make sure your team knows what to do in the case of fire, fights, burglary or violence.
  • Have a rapid notification system. Arm your staff with the right phone numbers, text numbers, Twitter or Facebook message or police response team contact to get help ASAP. Use technology to get the word out for a safe exit.
  • Keep everyone calm. Any time there is a crowd they can get riled up based on politics, comments, and peer pressure. So train your staff to take a deep breath and calm the group down as much as possible.
  • Do an event briefing alerting your staff to the hour by hour agenda so they can be prepared & not surprised.
  • Do a follow-up and ask your team to improve your plan over time.
  • Before & during your event, ask your staff what they would do in the event of a shooter, fire, fight, or other actions that happen in a crowd. Educate them.
  • Have a team plan to get resources where they need to be in minutes.
  • Keep your team in touch with each other. Remember that when there are crowds, there is confusion and some criminals know how to work it. Make sure someone is assigned to your front desk or cash register and your inventory. By assigning responsibility to keep an eye on those at all times, distraction techniques will not work.
  • Shut down any aggressive behavior right away. It has a way of accelerating if you do not make your rules clear and provide physical support to enforce those rules if people choose to ignore your rules. Don’t hesitate to call in the authorities. Make sure they know about your event in advance.
  • Remember that the area outside your venue is also your concern. If your crowd expands to the sidewalks and the property of others, you can be held liable. Don’t let that happen, make sure you have security to monitor outside your venue.
  • Have adequate, trained staff during and after events. If your event ends at 5pm, do not abandon your employees or property until that crowd disburses. Don’t try to save an hour of security cost and end up paying for injured attendees, broken windows, or damaged property.

Crowd Security

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