Halloween Security Tips Curbs Trouble At Your Business

Halloween is always a busy time for South Bay Security as security needs step up for the holiday season. But last Halloween we had a few more challenges with #Clownsightings reported throughout the Country, including in the South Bay. So let’s be vigilant and recognize that sometimes a clown costume can be innocent or it can also be used to distract security to look in the wrong direction while vandalizing or theft occur somewhere else. Here are some tips for your staff and your property to keep your business and employees safer this #Halloween.

Scary clown robot in clown mask.

Tip 1: If someone shows up in a costume, it is okay to ask them to remove their mask so you can see who they are. That typically intimidates anyone who is not an innocent trick or treat visitor. It also shows you are watching and can identify them. If they refuse, contact authorities.

Tip 2: Follow real time social media posts and the news for any news in your area. Local newspaper and local station’s twitter accounts typically report or retweet first. Always follow the local police department feed, but remember that government posts are not always timely.

Tip 3: Construct a policy that gives your staff immediate instructions on what to do if someone has come into your store or on or near your property in a costume that makes them feel unsafe or shows a behavior they find concerning. Let them know that over-reporting is not a problem for you—their safety comes first. Provide a cell phone number or text to report the behavior to in case they cannot use a phone.

Tip 4: Make noise. Most people who are trying to intimidate your employees do not like noise. At the first sign of trouble be loud, so that others can hear and may be able to report the problem or help keep an eye out if you are constrained later.

Tip 5: Always look in the other direction as this year due to the #ClownSightings, just wearing a clown costume can cause you to look in the wrong direction. Do not fall into that tactic so make sure your staff or employees know to patrol the entire property if something suspicious gets their attention.

Tip 6: Always keep one eye on the money or the most valuable item that can be taken from your property. Typically in a distraction method, the end goal is to take something they can sell or cash in on later.

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