5 Tips For Shopkeepers During Summer Crime Season

Memorial Day weekend starts the beginning of summer with barbecue’s, parties and increased crime. Here are a few tips to help you keep your business and your employees safer this summer:

  • Watch loiterers around your 16_019_TlrMd_SouthBaySecurity_1394front door and inside your store. Set up a system to tag team wanderers as sticky fingers increase with store traffic.
  • Increase your foot patrol security more frequently. Crowds embolden criminals. They know you can’t be everywhere, so add a pair of eyes to your team who’s job is to alert you to any changes in staff or traffic.
  • The high season is accompanied by increased receipts, so make sure your cash & deposits are escorted by a security team or two careful & watchful employees.
  • If you display any items outside your store, make sure they are watched regularly or tethered. Criminals watch for you to be distracted to grab and go.
  • Smash & grabs when you are closed are on the rise, so be sure your storefront is brightly lit and valuables are removed or covered to discourage criminals.

South Bay Security is the local security authority of the South Bay providing patrolling, security and safety programs for residents and businesses in cities from El Segundo to Long Beach. For more information on their mobile security or full service, contact them at 310-539-3505. Set up a time to review your security needs and address concerns. South Bay Security is located in the Rolling Hills Plaza where they also provide the security, as well as at many other South Bay locations. Visit their website at: http://southbaysecurity.com.

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