Protecting Your Business When Crime is Up In Los Angeles

Keep Your Biz Safe
Crime is up in Los Angeles for the 2nd year in a row. So what does that mean for your South Bay Business? Consider it a warning shot that you can use to strengthen your business protection plan. Information is the best deterrent to crime because you can form a plan now to keep your employees and your customers safe and your business reputation strong.

When a crime occurs at your business, it can suffer a reputation bump in the wrong direction. The cost is hard to quantify when your customers don’t feel safe at your business, even if they love your goods. So the key for your company is to ensure that your customers and your employees always feel you can keep them safe. Here are a few more ideas on keeping your South Bay business safer for you, your employees, and customers.

  1. Remember that people who live or work near you have a vested interest in keeping an eye on their locations to feel safe as much as you do. Make friends with them and keep their phone numbers in your smart phone.
  2. Report any new transients or people hanging out near your space as well as others in the neighborhoods. Let them know what you see so they are more likely to let you know when someone is lurking near your property. More eyes the better.
  3. Treat transients with respect and firmly let them know the company will prosecute trespassers.
  4. Keep your parking lots free from transients, graffiti and garbage.
  5. Dedicate one employee or a security company to regularly check your building exterior and parking spaces for any wanderers or trouble and promptly report it to the police and you.
  6. Ask employees to let you know if they ever feel unsafe with a co-worker or customer.
  7. Be aware of the characters in your area and ask your employees to be polite but to ask them to please avoid your property. The key here is to be polite but let them know they are trespassing.
  8. Have an officer or security company provide safety and reporting tips.
  9. Ask local authorities to drive by if you see any new, unwelcome activity.
  10. Consider adding mobile security and an escort for money transfers.

South Bay Security is the local security authority of the South Bay providing patrolling, security and safety programs for residents and businesses in cities from El Segundo to Long Beach. They specialize in protecting their clients’ properties, while upholding the respect and dignity of their clients and their employees, as well as the public.  For more information on their mobile security or full service, contact them at 310-539-3505 or by email. Set up a time to review your security needs and address concerns. South Bay Security is located in the Rolling Hills Plaza where they also provide the security, as well as at many other South Bay locations. Visit their website at:

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